The Vision: SecondStories


My codependency and hurt from the past forced me to hold my personal story so tight. Fall of 2013, after a lot of prayer and encouragement, I opened my palms and handed my life over to God. My eyes were beginning to open. It wasn’t until then that I was able to see stories in a different light. I soon realized that they can have a positive impact on this lonely world. Several friends have taken the good and bad from their stories and use them to minister to other women. Through a series of events and a lot of heart transformation, the Lord led me to the vision of this book, a collection of real women who have found hope in Christ in the midst of struggles on this earth. Once God placed this vision on my heart, He provided 50 women, their incredible stories, photographers, a photo editor, a mentor, a web designer, a proofreader, and a community of encouragement to help get this vision into the hands of others. My hope is that this book will encourage those who lack confidence and purpose in their personal story and need a push to use it for His purpose and glory. May we all shine His light in the shadows of our lives!  –  Dawn