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t h e b i r t h :  s e c o n d s t o r i e s

Fall of 2013, I took a random trip with a friend, Suzanne, to look for furniture. In the middle of Southeastern Salvage, she mentioned us doing a small group study that involved looking back at your story. I quickly told her, “I have dealt with my story and I have no intention of going back.”

I was holding it with a firm grip. After a crisis with a friend that season, I had hit rock bottom. My codependency and hurt from my past had me in a noose. After much resistance, I opened my palms and let go of my circumstances in the middle of my bathroom floor. I handed my life over to God that night, and my eyes were beginning to open. Thankfully, I was in two small groups. Scriptures and prayers were filling up the many holes in my heart. Suzanne walked with me through this pit. I remember having many tearful cups of coffee with her. She is one who has taken her story by the reins and uses it to minister to so many women. One morning, as we drank coffee, she discussed her longing for change in her business, Holland’s Trinkets. The walls of her home were closing in on her and her trinkets. Feeling a nudge in my spirit, I told her I would be interested in sharing an office for my graphic design business. Her eyes lit up, and she told me she had the perfect place. We met with a realtor and our business coach, Anna, at the location. Next thing we knew, we were signing a lease on a sweet space located upstairs of a building in downtown Homewood, AL. The space felt so anointed. After the first trip to the office, we left and all agreed, “We need to come upwith a name.”

Within 5 minutes, God gave me the name, Second Story. That season, our office evolved into not only a workspace, but a location for Al-Anon meetings and a safe-place to pray over women in crisis. Second Story evolved from a name of a building to a ministry in just a few short weeks. Through the ministry, the Lord led me to the vision of this book, a collection of real women who have found hope in Christ in the midst of struggles on this earth. My hope is that this book will encourage those who lack confidence in their personal story and need a push to use it for His purpose and glory.