A few excerpts from the SecondStories book

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When in Need

I looked at my life and thought, “I don’t ‘need’ Him.” I had a roof over my head, great health for my whole family, a wonderful husband with a great job that allowed me to stay home with our precious boys...So I prayed to God that He would make me need Him, following that with, “Please don’t hurt me though,” with a smile on my face. Three months after that prayer I was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.

A Beacon of Hope

As a little girl, I remember writing songs mostly of my hurts. So many days I longed for a love that I didn’t feel. Since I hadn’t found it, I turned to the love songs of the 90s. You know the ones –  “Baby, I love you. I’ll never leave you. Promise.” The problem with these confessions of undying love is that they were quickly charred by the flame of brokenness and unholiness.

After the Storm

Has your home ever been hit by a tornado? There is debris everywhere, and for awhile it seems that if you could just clean the place up, remove the trash and broken limbs, and see the ground again, it would all be restored. But after the last of the wreckage is hauled away, you see how changed it really is. Huge trees are gone, and large leafy limbs have come down. The sun will shine, but it will never shine in quite the same way again.