Dawn Curtis, Production Director

Dawn is a gentle person with deep waters running through her soul. She creates, designs and brands for work and other life-giving opportunities. As she sips her black coffee and listens to your story, the next thing you know she will be showing you a design for your life or dream like you have never seen before. SecondStories is evidence of this. On any given day you will find her sitting on her screened porch on the sofa, mini-doodle sitting on her lap, tapping away on her laptop. She dreams dreams for other people through her design work and helps them see a bigger God throughout the process. She lives in Birmingham, AL with her husband Bill and two little red headed girls.


Crystal Tucker, Communications and Editorial Director

Shame and fear held me hostage for more than a decade.  Once I purged the darkest parts of me, and “trusted the Lord with my reputation,” (thank you for that, Bethany Gamble), I felt like God gave me a brand new start.  I FINALLY felt the healing and freedom that comes with letting go of the things I was trying to bury and forget about.  He wants to use my story and the stories of so many others to loosen the enemies grip and pull others out of the hiding as well.  Here I am Lord, USE ME! As Corie Clark puts it, “When you allow your passions & your purpose to collide, you will find yourself walking in your God given destiny.”



Anna Nash, Visionary & Developer

Anna is an entrepreneur who has a passion for helping people be the best they can be in life and work. As a Life Coach, Anna focuses on helping people find their God-given purpose. Beacon People, a non-profit organization, was birthed out of this calling. Anna is an idea girl who loves brainstorming, networking and marketing and is the author of pathfinder, A Journey Towards Purpose. Her gifts lie in connecting people and opportunities that benefit them and give them a place to make impact. She resides in Birmingham, Alabama, and is married to her high school sweetheart, Tyler. They have 4 grown children and a Labradoodle named Nate.


Katy Shelton, Editor

After ten years in the healthcare industry, Katy committed to working as a stay-at-home mom. It was during this time that she discovered the wonderful world of reading in which she’d previously had little interest. Her newfound love for books eventually led to a desire to write. Katy started writing and editing as a hobby, and has found she especially enjoys the challenge of turning words into a powerful narrative. She also loves creative writing and always has a novel-in-progress tucked away in her computer. She has fun writing her own blog at . Katy and her husband John have three adult sons and live on Lake Martin in Alexander City, Alabama.


Angie Davis, Photo Editor, Volume 2

One of my favorite memories as a child is riding with my grandfather when he abruptly stopped on the side of the road and pointed to a tree. "Look! Do you see it?! The light"! It was as if in that moment my focus shifted from soft to sharp, and I saw not just the tree, but the warm glow peeking through its branches, dancing on it's leaves. I use that memory now when photographing people. My aim is not only to find the most beautiful light, but to see beyond the obvious. What is the story behind the cute clothes and smiles? Because often it's the story that is peeking, dancing, waiting to be found and in turn, making its subject more beautiful than they would be on their own. Angie is a local photographer, wife, and mom to three. 



Michaela Nash, Photo Editor, Volume 1

Michaela is a photographer in Chicago, IL. When she’s not making and taking photographs, she's spending time with her husband or playing Frogger at a nearby arcade.